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There’s a reason the AroMed Vaporizer is the choice of hard core vapor enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. Quite simply it produces the purest most flavorful vapor in the world. Most say it’s even better than the Volcano! Made in Germany, the AroMed Vaporizer has a very function over form design. That’s because it’s designed to do one thing very very well – extract the natural ingredients from your herbs. In fact it extracts over 90% of the active ingredients providing for the most efficient use of your herbs. If you’re comparison shopping the only other unity to look at is the Volcano Classic or Digital.

  • The active vapour is free of harmful substances. This is made sure by a hot air source of undeniable purity and an additional water filter.
  • The hot air is provided by an energy saving ultraviolet-free halogen light bulb that is controlled by a precise microprocessor.
  • Fresh or dried plant material, tinctures, or essential oils are all the same applicable with the AroMed.
  • The hot air source is placed above the plant material. Therefore only during inhalation active substances are set free. The AroMed can be filled with more than one dosage, and inhalation is possible to the user’s liking without in-between switch-offs.
  • More than 90% of the active substances are to be inhaled.
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