Jahnny Rise

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Jahnny Rise was born in 1975 in Coronado, California. He traveled extensively as a child through the Southwest, Mexico and Guatemala. These trips taught him the joys of existence through nature while revealing the human struggle. It also gave him an appreciation for the little things in life. As he grew older music became a driving force in making day to day existence come alive by opening up his senses to the creative flow.
Jahnny became interested in glassblowing in 1997. His goal was to learn a skill that could be constantly improved through practice while supporting himself and his family. A turning point in his work came when Jahnny took a class from Italian master glassblower, Lucio Bubbacco, in 2002. His focus changed from abstract shapes and concepts to representational works. In his current work, Jahnny wishes to draw borosilicate glass from a traditionally functional medium to a sculptural one.

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