Nectar Collector

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Kristian Merwin

A glass sculptor with a background in engineering and business. He draws inspriration from a lifetime spent playing with gravity as a surfer, snowboarder and rock climber. Kristian’s signature pieces combine simple repeated organic shapes and colors to create fractal compositions that suggest a merging of nature and technology.

Nectar Collector was born when Kristian and his business partner Jefe were discussing the need for a new oil vaporizing method, one which eliminated the complications of pre-existing nail systems in the industry. Kristian developed the original Nectar Collector, which was the world’s first water-cooled vaporizing system, with a spill-proof diffuser and straw inspired tip. Together they formed the business and pioneered a major development in vaporizing technology.

Emily Marie

Emily Marie discovered her love of glass blowing in 2008 when she took up an apprenticeship under renowned glass artist Kristian Merwin. After spending her first several months making mostly jewelry and other ornaments, Emily made her first pipe, and she hasn’t looked back since.

With the guidance and encouragement of her teacher and her fellow glass artists, Emily has gradually worked her way up to making larger and more complex pieces. Her aesthetic is a constantly evolving one, which is to say that it is always in motion and consistently open to development. In recent months she has been using her craft as a medium through which to combine her artistic desires with her great love of science and the natural world. Propelled by this theme, Emily entered her first live glass blowing competition at Champs, winning a gold medal in the qualifying round and moving on to take fourth place in the Masters’ Final. She sees these competitions as an opportunity to challenge herself, to stay inspired to grow, and to feel the great adrenaline rush that comes with creating something at the edge of one’s skill level.

Emily considers it a true privilege to be involved with such an engaging and rapidly evolving industry. She knows that without the skill and generosity of her fellow artists and collectors, she and the rest of the glass world would surely stagnate. She plans to spend the rest of her years fully exploring her medium, pushing it to it’s limits, and contributing something of value to it’s great culture and store of creative knowledge. Emily Marie lives in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kyle “Gher” Gallagher

Crash landed in the desert of Utah, now living in Colorado, son of a carpenter and a designer, Gher has been shaping media of different sorts since a young age.

“People, nature and the music of the world brings inspiration to me”

Taking a liking to metalcraft, woodcraft, glasscraft, music and digital media, Gher enjoys pushing his artistic boundaries from medium to medium. In the summer of 2011, he trained with artist Kristian Merwin, and started forming glass, contributing many artistic and functional details to the Nectar Collector line for Wasatch Glassworks. He’s kept the torch lit ever since, exploring new themes.