Rescue Detox

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The 5 Day Permanent Detox is one of the most complex and advanced cleansing products ever created in a lab. The 5 Day kit is specially formulated to fortify and assist the bodys natural detoxification process by eliminating toxic buildup from your body and keeping you cleansed until you expose yourself to toxins or toxic environments. The 5 day kits contain 3 different types of capsules that are taken in the morning and evenings for 5 days. Once the 5 Day kit is completed, your body will return to a more natural and healthy toxin free balance. This product is strong enough to cleanse any body type, however we recommend 2 of these kits for people who have heavy toxic buildup, or people who have been exposed to toxins for a long period of time or people who weigh more than 200 pounds. Applied Sciences is so confident in all of our Rescue Detox Products, we offer a 100% total satisfaction guarantee.

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