Space Case

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Often imitated, but never duplicated, Space Case Grinders are an investment that are built to last a lifetime. Featuring grinding teeth that never dull, a screen that doesn’t clog, and a neodymium magnet that holds your grinder together, the Space Case Grinder sets itself apart from the competition. Measuring in at 3 1/2″ in diameter and 2 1/2″ in height, the Large 4 pc. Space Case grinder-sifter is great for grinding a lot of herbs at once. Manufactured in the USA, Space Case grinders are made to the highest specifications out a single piece of aircraft grade aluminum. Using CNC machining, Space Case grinders feature razor sharp grinding teeth and a grinding movement that is smooth as glass grinding through the toughest herbs with ease. The Titanium Space Case Grinders feature an anodized titanium coating, which strengthens the unit up to 100%. The titanium finish also increases the unit’s non-stick properties so that your herbal blend doesn’t get stuck in the grinding teeth and requires less cleaning than traditional grinders. A smoker’s favorite for years, the Space Case Grinder-Sifter grinds your herbal blend to the perfect consistency for vaporization and separate the pollens with the sifter chamber. Included is a triangle scraper to collect your pollen, which is specially designed to scrape the edges perfectly.

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