US Tubes

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US TUBES are manufactured by Scientific Glassblowers with decades of experience.

We are based in Berkeley, California.

Our goal as a company is to ensure the highest standard of durability and quality of any glass products made today. We make all of our components in house, even our joints, in order to ensure a continuity and consistency within our glass that is scarcely rivaled in the industry today.

People often ask what makes Scientific Glassblowing different than regular lamp working; the answer is the intent. With Scientific Glassblowing our entire set up is based on making perfect seals on clear glass. This requires plenty of specialty tools and machines, as well as the know how to execute precision glassblowing techniques.

We love what we do, even though it is dangerous and difficult. We hope that everyone who uses our products enjoys using them as much as we enjoy making them. Thank you to our friends and family for the support and to all the stores who sell our glass.