Illadelph Signature Line

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Introducing Illadelphs Signature Coil Glass Beaker Waterpipes.

This glass pipe has a detachable coil condenser which is filled with glycerine. This allows the detachable neck of the waterpipe to be placed into a freezer or fridge to allow the glycerine to chill. Bringing the two parts together gives you the perfect glass pipe for a chilled smoking experience. Illadelph Waterpipes have made this pipe in two separate sections that come together to form the perfect whole. Caution should be taken not to pick this bong up by the neck without supporting it at the beaker base.

This luxurious masterpiece has been created by Illadelph for water pipe collectors with refined taste. This range of Glass Pipes is characterized by the color to clear sectional tubing and fitted with brand new label designs plus a gold outlined logo at the beaker. The base of this bong has a 3” crest and a signature on the back of the tube and the slide. The new Illadelph Signature Series is designed to give users more color, more sections, percs and labels.

This piece comes with an Illadelph branded space case grinder as an added cherry on top!

Top quality, functionality and design; this is what Illadelph stand for. This company has taken the waterpipe market by storm and established themselves as top innovators catering to the deluxe market. Never sacrificing quality for lower prices or high output, Illadelph Glass Waterpipes are at the top of their game!